Composite Engineering Incorporated

The world leader in high performance
aerial targets and turnkey target presentations

Capable of flying a wide variety of speeds, altitudes and profiles, the CEi family of high performance aerial target systems are meeting the needs of the U.S. Department of Defense and friendly nations around the globe. CEi is positioned to provide aerial target drones, command and control systems, all requisite support equipment and training to allow customers independent operations. If preferred, the company will provide complete target drone presentation services to the customer wherein CEi personnel deploy to customer specified locations and assume responsibility for all target drone operations and maintenance in support of testing and training associated with surface to air, air to air and anti-ship cruise missile threats.

CEi is vertically integrated, possessing all the engineering, manufacturing and management capabilities required for the design, prototyping, testing, production, maintenance and operational support of a family of aerial target drone systems. Our comprehensive approach enables CEi to fully control both the quality and schedule of all hardware manufactured and ensures the high reliability of CEi systems.